$10 off $30 expires 7/31 here are 2 scenarios under $14 @ HEB!

HEB has a Text Exclusive $10 off your $30 Basket Coupon ( Click Here to see if your account is eligible for one ) . With this amazing basket coupon there are so many possibilities! Plus they just released a $5 off basket coupon when you purchase $10 in Clorox products and $5 off your basket when you purchase $15 in HEB Our Finest Paper Towels or Toilet Tissue.  Select them all for a great OOP!

If you find those FREE Cheerios or Dog/Cat food those work perfect to get your total to $30. **Key to this coupon is to make sure you have $30 BEFORE Coupons! Once the cashier hits Total: Scan in your digital app barcode with all your coupons you have selected Hand over any yellow HEB coupons Hand over any manufacturer coupons. **Reminder Prices may vary per store so OOP may differ** 

**NOTE: This deal was found in a San Antonio store, check your local store to ensure the deal is the same in your area ** Scroll down for details ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Thanks to Saving Our Way Admins for helping us put out such Amazing Deals! Ibotta is offering a massive bonus for new users – a bonus $10 when you scan your first! Click Here to Sign Up!

(Forgot to include the bag of charcoal)

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