The ONLY Resolution You Should Keep is Spending More Time Together!

It’s a New Year and we are all making our resolutions on what we want to improve on. Having thought about that, one resolution that should not be looked over is Spending More Time Together. How can this happen when you have multiple children and a spouse and on a tight budget? We have only one answer for you, PogoPass ! With PogoPass my family and I have saved in just one year roughly $12,300 in admission cost to places all around the city. This was spread out over Summer, Winter Break, Spring Break and weekends where we were all together or off doing our own things. Each pass cost $99 however Brenda Anz got us a great offer when using Promo Code SAVINGOURWAY we were able to get them for just $39.98. That is a phenomenal price when you take into consideration that the actual cost we would have paid for admission to each of the places we visited was well over $2,500 each, EACH person! Come and check out what PogoPass has in store for you and your family. Plus take a look at the different cities you can enjoy PogoPass savings and think ahead for vacations! Click Here for more details! You’ve seen Brenda Save BIG at the register...Now see what she has done with her Savings! She bought a business and You can too! Click here and Let Brenda show you how you can become a business owner! 

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