Melissa Leos owner of Charmed to Bling You invites you to the 2nd Annual Sparkle and Shine Spectacul

Brenda Anz has built a team of strong women looking to build an empire for them and their families.  Each of them with a different background and situation that they wanted to change for the better without losing time with their loved ones.   With the guidance Brenda has made available to each and every one of them, we have selected a few that have risen above all the rest and shown us how important growing their business is to them.  Hard work and dedication has been key for each and every one of the Empower=Empire Team of Paparazzi Independent Consultants!

Meet one of Brenda's Empire Builders

Paparazzi Director Melissa Leos

Hey everyone I am Melissa, a humbled woman who has become focused on growing her team for 2019.  I am currently a Director with Paparazzi leading 3 women helping them to build the business of their dreams. Being an entrepreneur has given me many opportunities that I never have could imagined. 

  1. Owning my own business.  

  2. Being part of Brenda Anz Team Empower=Empire and learning so much to be able to teach others and showing how to save & make money with me.

  3. Branch out to people by doing Facebook lives, events and private parties . 

  4. Monitor THE Money Saving Group: Saving Our Way in SA on Facebook with group creator Brenda Anz helping the community save and put back money into their pockets as she has taught me.  

  5. Have the privilege of being in the Facebook community leadership circle because of Brenda Anz. 

  6. Have had the privilege of being a guest on the radio show Let's Talk Savings with Brenda Anz on 99.1FM GenX.

If you ready to start making money now you can Click Here to visit my website or send me an  Email and let’s make it happen together.  A small start up fee gives you endless possibilities.  Can't wait to see you all there. 

I am personally invited you to our

2nd Annual

Sparkle and Shine Spectacular

Tribute @ the Rim

May 4th

1-5 p.m.

In and inspiring quote from Lady Gaga “I have worked hard and still working hard to get to where I want to be. It’s not about winning but achieving and not giving up. If you have a dream fight for it. There is a discipline for passion. It’s not about how many times you get rejected or fall down or beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep going.”#Don’tgiveup.

Come join my team Charmed To Bling You and become part of Brenda Anz Empower =Empire family .  ~Thank you

***This event if for those who are not currently an independent consultant with Paparazzi***

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