We have a Way for you to Win a PogoPass and enter for a chance Every Month!

Brenda Anz has joined forces with Director of PogoPass Staci Allen and they have come up with a fantastic way to spread the news about this phenomenal Pass of Fun in the City you choose! Every month you have a chance to Win a PogoPass. Brenda has asked Staci to hold a drawing every month for her followers on Saving Our Way in SA Facebook page.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Be a member or Saving Our Way in SA facebook <<Click the link to become a member>>

  2. Follow the group admins <<Brenda Anz, Angela M Rodriguez, Savannah Fernandez, Nina Stuller, Jessica Straub, moderator Staci Brinton Allen>> for all the best deals you can find on Facebook!

  3. Be active by liking and commenting on post so you are showing facebook you want to see the post from Saving Our Way in SA.<<You may miss out the post if you fail to do this step>>

  4. Once the Brenda and Stacy PogoPass Giveaway enter your entry by answering the question Staci puts out on her Facebook Live post!

Share with your family and friends so they get a chance too.

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