I VOTED for KSAT's SA Picks Women's Accessories nominee Brenda Anz Executive Director with P

We have exciting News! Brenda Anz, CEO of SavingOurWay.com has been nominated on KSAT's SA Picks in Women's Accessories by her Admin of Saving Our Way in SA Facebook Group Savannah Fernandez. Because of Brenda's strong leadership skills and successes, we believe she is the perfect candidate for the small business award!

Brenda has been Saving BIG at the register, she then invested in a business, Paparazzi Accessories. She has grown her team here in San Antonio and Online organically and has given herself 3 promotions in just 4 short months. Now 2 years in she has one of the largest teams in San Antonio, Team Empower=Empire Rise Above with Brenda Anz. She has built a Learning Academy for her entire team to help them be as successful as she is with this new found business.

You can now show support for Brenda Anz and all she does for her community by placing your VOTE in KSAT's SA Picks in Women's Accessories. Click Here to cast your VOTE for Brenda Anz! Remember you can VOTE every hour until September 2, 2019!

You can be a part of the movement with Brenda too! Click here and Let Brenda show you how you can become a business owner! Ibotta is offering a massive bonus for new users – a bonus $10 when you scan your first! Click Here to Sign Up!

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