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How exciting! Kroger recently released Kroger Cash Back. It is currently only available on the website not through the app. It may look very similar as it mimicks the same features and concept of iBotta. Because it is very new there is little help even from those who run the new program. So we will learn as we try it!

**Please feel free to comment or email us with feedback on how this is working or not working for you

iBotta users this app is so similar you won’t have much trouble selecting and using the app. you’re familiar with ibotta If you’re new to both there are offers you select and once you shop and fulfill the requirements of the offers you get cash back on your account. You can then cash out when you reach a certain threshold ($20 for Kroger CB). Click Here to access the Kroger Cash Back website. (Not accessible in the app) The 4-1-1

  • You CAN NOT unclip rebates and clipped rebates are included in the 150 overall digital coupon limit, so be sure you are going to include them on your next shopping trip or it will take up your clipped coupon limit.

  • Clip Cash Back rebates at least 1 hour prior to shopping to ensure it will show up at time of checkout.

  • Give 36-72 hours but no more than 7 days for purchases to post to your account. Contact Kroger on day 7 if it still has not posted.

  • Send earned Cash Back to your Kroger card at least 1 hour prior to shopping in store.

  • If using Self-Checkout, After hitting the Pay button is when you are prompted to use Cash Back. You can decline and save for later.

  • Check late Friday or early Saturday for New Rebates available to clip (Already clipped rebates may have a change of expiration date to give more time to redeem.

  • Once clipped, you will keep the rebate until expiration.

  • If you’re unsure on whether a product will qualify for Cash Back, you can usually use the Ibotta app and find the identical rebate (rebate value may vary, but products will be the same). Use the “Check Product Barcode” button for the rebate in Ibotta to verify the product matches to earn Kroger Cash Back.

  • WhooHoo deals (Still a little ify): Cash back CAN be earned on WooHoo items, but only If you find the exact numbers of the original barcode in the middle of the WooHoo tag. TIP: look for products with WooHoo tags that DO NOT start with “92006869...”, they should qualify if they don't have those numbers.

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