Kitty’s Tax Service Business Tax Specialist

Don't wait to get your Taxes Filed, contact Sandra Gonzales, Tax Specialist with Kitty Tax Services. Brenda Anz has personally used Sandra's Tax expertise for over 10 years for both her personal and business needs. Now members of Brenda's Team Empower=Empire are enjoying the Fast, Efficient services Sandra provides. It's your turn!

Services you can expect:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax preparation

  • Business certified

  • Specializes in small business and Law enforcement, as well as nursing, educators, oil field workers and Small corps.

  • Will prepare EIN paperwork for business taxes, notary services, payroll, state taxes, and franchise taxes.

  • Review prior years taxes to look for discrepancies and see if monies are owed to you, and can be recovered.

  • Reduced prices for Saving our way members

  • Reduced fees for Paparazzi consultants under Empower=Empire

  • Independently employed with no employees, She will handle cases myself without handing off to helpers.

  • Monthly statement provided for all BookKeeping customers.

  • Available year long.

If interested in Sandra’s Tax Service simply <<Click Here>> to visit her facebook page or call her TODAY!

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