KSATs SA Picks 2019 Winner is Paparazzi Executive Director Brenda Anz for Womens Accessories!

And the crowd goes wild as Brenda Anz is annouced this year's KSAT's SA Picks Winner of Women's Accessories - Local category. Brenda Anz is CEO of SavingOurWay.com and Group Creator of savings group Saving Our Way in SA. She has taken her savings and her knowledge of networking and business building and become and entrepreneur with Paparazzi. In just 3 short months Brenda promoted herself by sharing this opportunity with several others looking to better their situations. Brenda Anz now oversees over 100 Paparazzi independent consultants in San Antonio and other cities. Now as an Executive Director of Paparazzi Brenda finds herself a winner of KSAT's SA Picks 2019 in Women's Accessories - Local.

A huge thank you for the nomination from one of her Lead Admins Savannah and to each and every member of her many savings groups on facebook, subscribers on SavingOurWay.com, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram for voting!

Click Here to See Brenda Anz listed as Winner on the KSAT 12 SA Picks Winners List under Fashion, Women's Accessories!

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