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Updated: May 28

Please practice Social Distancing if you must go out! 🙏Stay Safe and healthy!

Don't go out if you don't have to...but if you have to go out, don't pay full price!

HEB has been one of my favorite Stores to shop for many, many years! They have never let me down when it comes to HUGE SAVINGS! I love that we can utilize HEB store coupons, HEB Digital coupons and our manufacturer coupons for a Super low out of pocket at the Register!

Super Excited to tell you the BIG HEB NEWS!

HEB Coupons are back every week with more amazing deals. Get ready to to grab some Great Savings!

Check your Free HEB app to see the New Ad and the Digital coupons as they will hit customers HEB app's throughout the day on Wednesday's.

There will be yellow store coupons that will be available near the items and digital coupons in your HEB digital App to use making Great Saving! There may not be limits if stores are fully stocked on much needed items like toilet paper & paper towels! It will be stores decision after looking at their stock !

You will see some weekly RUN DEALS using HEB Store coupons Every week!

Press Here to see the HEB AD for this week.

Now, where the Super Savings gets even sweeter is when we take our Express News Manufacturer coupons in with us to to add to the deal!

It seems things are coming back to Normal. HEB will be fully stocked going forward and they are ready for our community getting us our everyday needs. When making a trip to HEB practice social distancing & wear your mask as we are not out of the woods to this covid ~19 Virus! Stay safe as you grab your Savings!

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there may not be limits if stores are fully stocked on much needed items like toilet paper & paper towels! that will be their decision after looking at their stock.

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Thanks to admins Ramona & Nina for helping find the Hottest Deals that we put out to our members on a daily!

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