Social Distancing is in place starting Monday 3/23 at HEB To help Slow the Spread of the COVID 19!

HEB is following CDC Guidelines for Social Distance. HEB will be practicing safety measures in their store. Hiring new positions to make sure safety measures are in place at all stores. At the door make sure to Wipe down your HEB Cart & use the Hand Sanitizer that is offered to you at the door. Each store will let in limited customers that arrive. There will be 1 entrance and 1 exit to maintain the flow of customers inside. We will see a ton of changes like a 3 Foot rule at the register between all customers using floor decals and there will be a Sneeze Guide at the register for everyone's protections against the Covid-19 Virus! Story here

I for one am Happy to see this going into place. We have been seeing some HEB stores with these changes already in place this weekend. HEB is asking our community if you do not have to go out to shop. Stay at home! This gives less of a chance to get or spread the Virus. Glad to see all stores like HEB are doing their part on trying to keep our community SAFE so we must do our part on helping by staying home and away from the crowds.

Another option is HEB delivery is 100% right to your Door just order today! Their is cases that you may be on a few days hold but for the most part people are getting most of what they ordered. The Convenience pays off. More info here: on HEB Delivery!

for more information on HEB and new job opportunity Tap on link here:

I Thanks HEB & their employees for all the hard work and dedication keeping us fed & Safe!

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Throughout the coming month of April expect more changes to come! These changes are put in place by CDC as safety measures and HEB is implemented it to slow the spread of the Covid 19 Virus! Do not be in shock to see extra Security at the door or officers in the Store. HEB is taking extra precaution for their customers.

FYI: You may Expect to stand In lines also, There are store limits in place for Various items. It also may be in your best interest to go alone to the store without kids to move the lines faster so u do not stay In the store anymore then u have to.

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