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When shopping for an ibotta item buy at full price or use coupon to lower the out of pocket

1. Open your Ibotta app.

2. choose the store you bought item & press on rebate your shopping for.

3. answer any question or see video for the product Ibotta puts out for the item

Usually this last a few seconds.

4. After you purchase at the register & your home.

open your app, go to redeem button at the bottom of the screen on the Ibotta app

take a picture of the receipt making sure receipt is visible and flat.

you will see money go straight to your Ibotta account. ( may take up to a few days )

5. When you reach the threshold of $20 you can transfer the money to your paypal account to use or transfer from pay pal to your Bank

or order a Gift card To use at anytime.

It is up to you when to cash out at $20, $100 or $500 this will be up to you.

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