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Updated: Feb 19

Here is an Amazing Sam’s promotion your going to Love! Take Advantage today!

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When you Join Sam's Club for just $45 you will get a $45 Store Instant Savings to purchase any products or Food in the Store!

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  • Pay $45 for a Sam's Card

  • get $45 of instant saving for anything in the store you may need

  • Now is the time to stock up in FREE Groceries!

  • (Excludes Tobacco and Alcohol)


  • Enter your email

  • Become a Club member by entering your information

  • option to add a complimentary card holder or if you have a business

  • you will have a payment option to Make your $45 payment

  • Once you get to Sam's show the front desk your email with your new card number sent by email

  • you will receive your your Sam's card

  • they will give you $45 on instant Savings loaded to a gift card to spend on anything in the store

  • instant Savings can take up to (72 hours) So order online TODAY!

  • ((Excludes Tobacco and Alcohol)

  • Promotion Expires March 7th 2021

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