POGO PASS, WHERE EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! Get 3 cities for the price of ONE! $39.98!


(Pogo Pass is Offered in 7 Cities & only $39.99 per pass making this a Run Deal!)

**South Texas Pogo Pass Offers 38 Venues for one low price of $39.98 per person! This is literally 1000's of dollars of Savings for each Pass! You sure did hear me Right! I just said 1000's of Dollars worth of Savings!

This is 1 Pass 1 Price that is good for 1 year! By the way did I mention, there are 3 cities Included in this Fantastic money Saving Pass! 1 pass will get you into all Venues offered by Pogo pass in San Antonio, Austin and Waco! Hurry, Do Not Miss out & order your South Texas Pogo Pass now by pressing on the link here: http://www.pogopass.com/?affiliate_code=SAVINGOURWAY

For those of you that already have a Pogo Pass for Austin, San Antonio or Waco. Congrats, this Amazing offer is now active for you in your Pogo Pass app! You can now start visiting Waco and Austin Pogo Pass venues starting today! Exclusions, are visiting one Water Park either splash town water park or Splash Town Waco.

This Special comes right on time for Spring Break!

For those of you visiting San Antonio or live in this Fantastic City. Take advantage of your Money Saving Pogo Pass. Enjoy a night out at University Bowl, FREE! Just show them your Pogo App and go straight in VIP style.

University Bowl not only offers Bowling and Arcade Games, they also have a Bar Stop for adults! Try some Amazing Adult Beverages. Check out their drink Specials for Pogo Pass cardholders, $3.75 for a Pint of Corona Premier or $6.00 for Casa Noble Margaritas.

All the while Enjoying, 2 Hours of Bowling & a $5.00 Curve Card (Love the extra that Pogo Pass offers their members)

Creator of Saving Our Way, LLC Brenda Anz loves that she works side by side working with Pogo Pass to offer you this Amazing Price of only $39.98. Excited, that Pogo Pass Holders can enjoy San Antonio, Austin & Waco included in the South Texas Pogo Pass, Get out there and enjoy your 38 Venues! Believe me, it is so much more enjoyable when knowing you are saving Huge with this pass. Excited, Act now and press on my link to order your family fun Pogo Pass!

This is an all-around great gift for any occasion and is good for one year. So you will have plenty of time to visit all 38 of the venues. This is like paying $1 for each venue!

Grab your Family fun Pogo pass today and Make your Spring Break Stay-cation loads of fun! http://www.pogopass.com/?affiliate_code=SAVINGOURWAY

If you aren't located in South Central don't worry there are more cities to be explored for a mere $39.98 using a Pogopass purchased for that city. We also offer a Pogopass for Las Vegas Navada, Dallas/Fort worth Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Kansas KS/MO, and Chicagoland IL. This will provide even more fun on your Vacay or make the perfect I gift! Either way, grab yours today!

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