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Catalinas @ HEB 411

If this is your first time getting in on an HEB Catalina deal, there are a few things you must know in order to help things go rather smoothly:

• Your minimum purchase is your total BEFORE coupons.

• Check your coupons to use towards your purchase to bring our OOP down to a minimum.

• You can use digital coupons as well that will help get you that Catalina.

• HEB yellow coupons can help as well, however, remember the yellow coupons are a price adjustment not treated like an actual coupon. Make sure the cashier hits that total button before entering your digital coupon information or handing over any yellow coupons.

• DO NOT use your Catalina before the redemption date (this is a misuse of a coupon not matter if the cashier allowed it).

• Limit is one Catalina per customer per day. Take a friend or family member or visit a different location. Some stores may allow multiple transactions but that is risky as they may not allow you to get another Catalina.

• Your Catalina didn’t print! Now what? Ask the store manager for help or walk over to customer service they do have a failsafe code to get that Catalina printed out for you. Make sure to have your receipt and items in hand, know the promotion, make sure you purchased the correct items and calculations are correct to ensure you get your Catalina!

• If you are anxious and don't like to address issues of this nature or don't have time to wait not to worry you can always contact Catalina Marketing Consumer Support Online. Or, call 1-888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction. This is limited to one per customer, so it's recommended that you try to get the Catalinas before leaving the store from the store manager.

• You can only use your Catalina for a purchase of $30 or more. A limit of one Catalina per transaction can be used. You may use manufacture coupons and yellow coupons to bring your OOP down to a minimum, however, remember yellow HEB coupons are price adjustments so make sure your cashier hits total before applying digital coupons or yellow coupons.


Once you get your Catalina in hand, remember these rules to keep your shopping trip stress-free. Then once you've earned your Catalina, remember to start researching deals you want to get in on once it's ready to be redeemed. Then check out the coupon database to find the right manufacture coupons to bring your OOP to a minimum. Don't forget to check FETCH and IBOTTA for a cashback rebate to maximize those savings even further!


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