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Giving Back in a Big Way
Donation Drives

The local community is very important to the creator of Saving Our Way, Brenda Anz. Brenda and her team have made major contributions to the surrounding areas of SA. Successfully, they ended up donating over $50,000 worth of merchandise in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Thank you to all that have helped support Saving Our Way and who has donated over the years. Brenda Anz with Saving Our Ways will continue to support our community by couponing, grabbing deals, and donating. Hope you will join as well!

Community Assistance

We understand that it may be difficult to find the assistance that you need when times get tough.  Saving Our Way Facebook Admins & I have helped to get all the information together to have one place. This page will be updated to provide services that are available to help during times of need.  If you have any other types of services to add, please send us an Email Us!  

Here are some of the previous drives we participated in:

Local Community Donations with Que_SouthSide
For The Homeless 

Que_Southside & Savingourway teamed up together to hand out hygiene goodie bags to the homeless and less fortunate. Due to tough times, the two couponers saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand where they could!  They did the work in getting the hygiene goodies from locals, making the bags, and passing them out.


"We are just two San Antonio citizens trying to make a difference in others' lives, and looking to come together to anyone that wants to help us in supporting us by donating the things others needs. Together as a community, we can really make a difference through these hygiene blessing bags. Let’s make a  rainy day into a tornado storm showing the true heart San Antonio citizens have for others less fortunate."

Rolling Oaks Mall - Pogopass & Book Drive

Brenda Anz & Linda Pearson have teamed up with Pogopass giving up 2 FREE POGOPASSES worth $1,000 a pass! 

The Scooby Van of San Antonio will be at the Rolling Oaks Mall each Saturday from 12-2 pm collecting gently used children’s books. These books along with Scooby snacks will be given to underserved kids in San Antonio.

The Scooby van will be parked outside the main entrance for your photo op fun and we will be inside (main foyer) collecting books. FREE Scooby Snacks for all book donors.

Visit us inside the mall, we have a free game for the kids (everyone wins a prize) and enter a chance to win 2 Pogo Passes. 

Center of Advanced Wellness Event

Brenda Anz & Linda Pearson teamed up with the Center of Advanced Wellness on a recent local event. It featured cumbia-pop live music, food, beer, & botox.


Brenda & Linda provided free books to those who attended and wanted a book either for themselves or their kids. There are a variety of books to choose from. We had books like Hannah Montana, Goosebumps, Mark Twain, etc.