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Brenda Anz has 12 years of experience as a coupon life coach. She started her endeavor of saving money by couponing for her family. Brenda realized these struggles weren't limited to just herself, but others in her community as well and strived to make a difference. After years of hard work, she created her own group on Facebook that has amassed over 51,000 members and soon enough created a Website to help others interested in learning the ways of couponing. She also is a Radio host with two shows, one about couponing and the other about San Antonio and its local community on 99.1 GM GenX.


Since then Brenda and her team have worked with and donated to countless organizations in the local community.

One of those organizations is the Scooby Van of San Antonio. Brenda recently joined the board of Scooby Van as the Vice President of Business Development in 2021. She is also a managing partner of Life Stuff Co., an independent media company devoted to helping the community.

This website is dedicated to my late Grandmother who inspired me to continue the journey of couponing.

About SavingOurWay

Brenda Anz owner of SavingOurWay, LLC Welcomes you to Savingourway.com where we are helping each couponer both new and veteran save money one coupon at a time!  Saving Our Way is fully committed to giving you the tools and knowledge to save money using store and merchant coupons.


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My grandma, Olga Randall, is the reason I have been so successful in Couponing, Savings, and Investing! She inspired me and gave me the confidence to keep going when things got tough. Here is a picture of her - she wanted to have all the colors of the rainbow and I made it happen for her for FREE!