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You asked for it, and now it's HERE! Join Money-saving life coaches, Brenda Anz & Jenn King for their FREE coupon classes. Allow them to teach you to become Savvy shoppers while learning to Maximize your money! There is no better time to learn if you were ever going to try and save let it be now through the world of couponing where every penny counts!


Come Discover the Real World of Couponing

with Savings Life Coach Brenda Anz!
It's time to take control of your budget! With over 11 years of Couponing Experience, I will teach you how to become a Savvy shopper and Maximize your Cash money. For those of you who may not know me, I am Brenda Anz Life Coach of Savings, CEO of, and Founder of Saving Our Way in SA on Facebook. My Coupon Classes are Sponsored by San Antonio Express News, choose your date and time above that works best for you and your future coupon buddies. I will have giveaways, exclusive offers for the $1 Sunday Newspaper, and Couponing knowledge you can't afford to miss.

no in-person classes right now due to rising covid-19 cases...

This series of three classes is directed at new and learning couponers, and we'll cover a) how to get coupons, b) an overview of the HEB couponing policy, and c) suggested deals to help build your confidence and your couponing skill set.  Attend any of the sessions or all three if you like!

  • HEB Couponing -- This is our most popular class we teach!  We cover perks and quirks of the HEB couponing policy (including how piggybacking coupons work) plus share current deals so you can go practice your new skill sets immediately.

  • Couponing Real Talk Q&A -- This is a brand-new class/coaching session that covers some of the common stumbling blocks new couponers face (like what to do when cashiers refuse coupons or why coupons sometimes don't scan.)  This is a great session for couponers who are already saving money but feel like they could get even better!

Since the classes are all on Facebook Live, you can also replay the video once I've finished the live show to make sure you caught all of the information. No worries if you don't have a Facebook account -- the class can be viewed by anyone (but only folks signed into their Facebook accounts can comment.)

Online 24/7 Class

*Note that the virtual classes are hosted through FB live. We are excited to see you there. If you are not apart of Facebook you will still be able to see our online class but you will not be able to comment. Coupon Coach, Brenda Anz will be able to answer any of your questions by emailing her at:

Let Coupon Masters, Brenda & Jenn Help you Save Big Today!


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My grandma, Olga Randall, is the reason I have been so successful in Couponing, Savings, and Investing! She inspired me and gave me the confidence to keep going when things got tough.

Here is a picture of her - she wanted to have all the colors of the rainbow and I made it happen for her for FREE!

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