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Brenda Anz Coupon Master actual receipts from a shopping trip!

My grandma Olga Randall is the reason I have been so successful in Couponing, Savings and Investing! 

(Here is a picture of her, She wanted to have all the colors of the rainbow and I made it happen FREE!)

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It's time to take control of your budget!  With over 10 years of Couponing Experience I will teach you how to become a Savvy shopper and Maximize your Cash money .  For those of you who may not know me,  I am Brenda Anz Life Coach of Savings, CEO of SavingOurWay.com and Founder of Saving Our Way in SA on Facebook.  My FREE Coupon Classes are Sponsored by San Antonio Express News,  choose your date and time above that works best for you and your future coupon buddies.   I will have giveaways, exclusive offers for the $1 Sunday Newspaper and Couponing knowledge you can't afford to miss.


Only 3 weekends in 2019 ! 


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