Brenda Anz is an entrepreneur, coupon coach, and radio show host striving to help her local San Antonio community.

Brenda Anz has held various donation drives for places such as Bexar County Re-entry center, Battered Women Shelter, provided canned and baked goods to local SA citizens, and more! She loves to network with other local entrepreneurs and support local small businesses.


Because of her love for the community, Brenda Anz has collaborated with multiple people on various projects to build a strong and positive community.

Brenda's latest project is co-hosting with Linda Pearson on their new Radio Show "The Life Stuff Show" on 99.1 FM GenX every Tuesday from 12-1pm. She also co-hosts "Saving Our Way Hot Topics" every Thursday from 12-1pm.

If you are a nonprofit, small business owner, or a local wanting to share your coupon experience that would like to be on either radio show please feel free to email us with a subject header of the radio show name AND/OR click the button and fill out a form:

ziraanzdigital@gmail.com or thelifestuffshow@gmail.com

Saving Our Way
Hot Topics

Brenda Anz co-hosts with Jennifer King on the Radio Show "Saving Our Way Hot Topics" every Thursday on 99.1 FM GenX from 12-1pm going over current hot deals and different ways to maximize your savings!

Brenda Anz Radio Show
Brenda Anz Radio Show

Sara, Street News SA
Sara, Street News SA

GenX Show
GenX Show

Brenda Anz Radio Show
Brenda Anz Radio Show


The Life Stuff Show

Brenda Anz is co-host with Linda Pearson, founder of Scoobyvan, on the Radio Show "The Life Stuff" every Tuesday on 99.1 FM GenX from 12-1pm talking about anything and everything with life, local nonprofits, small business owners, mental health, and local San Antonio events happening!

Brenda & Linda
Brenda & Linda


GenX Studio
GenX Studio

Brenda & Linda
Brenda & Linda


Couponing Shopping Chart & Grocery List Pack

Coupon Classes with Jennifer King

Extreme couponers, Brenda Anz and Jennifer King are hosting both in-person and virtual coupon classes for newbies and for returning couponers wanting to expand their knowledge on how to efficiently save.

Subscribe to savingourway.com and jennifersaves.com for updates! Also follow our Youtube for couponing & money-saving tips at Saving Our Way in SA

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Live From the Southside Contributor

Brenda Anz is a contributor writing weekly articles for Live From the Southside magazine that go over her experience with couponing, coupon tips, money saving deals, money saving apps, & more.

As someone who grew up and lived on the Southside her whole life Brenda is grateful to write for, share her experiences, and knowledge to the consumers of Live From the Southside Magazine

Coupon & Mental Health Classes with Sara

Brenda Anz and Sara from facebook group StreetNewsSA are teaming up on an exciting new project together! It's a two part class that involves couponing for beginners and the importance of mental health and how to balance the hardships of every day life.

More info coming soon...