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Exclusive $1 Express-News Sunday Paper Offer! Make Today Your Day to Save by Ordering your Inserts!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Brenda Anz has made it possible to get your coupons for just $1 through the Sunday paper (up to 5 per household)! This offer is Exclusive to Saving Our Way and is a fantastic way to get your coupons delivered directly to your home! Each deal requires multiple coupons to save big and stockpile. The best way to do this is by getting all 5 subscriptions!

Exclusive Deal:

  • $1 per paper (Up to 5 papers per household max)

  • 1 paper per week is $4 per month (5 papers per week are $20 per month)

  • Billed once a month (debit or credit card only)

*Note: ou can check to picture below to see if the Express-News delivers to your area. It may take up to two weeks to receive your paper.

If you are in Houston, Click Here for details on this $1.75 Sunday offer in your area!

This is the best time to start Learning how to SAVE! Make a difference in your Budget and Take the Virtual Coupon Class with Coupon Life Coach, Brenda Anz, Taking it from the comfort of your own home! Next online Coupon Class.


Additional Savings: Digital Addition

Want other ways to save besides the paper?

Considering downloading rebate apps to earn points and turn them into gift cards!

There is no other way to SAVE BIG than by Using Money Saving apps in conjunction with your Sunday Manufacturer coupons. Using this formula you will see an Explosion of BIG SAVINGS!

Do not forget to Sign up for these Great Money making apps. Brenda endorses and uses them almost every day. For more information on the rebate apps Fetch & Ibotta click here.

You can sign up under her unique code by pressing on her Special links here: Do not hesitate! Fetch rewards & ibotta


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