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HEB Freebie Sunday

Be on the lookout Sundays on the HEB app. HEB offers freebies on products every Sunday. The deal is usually just for the day, so it's a run deal, get it quickly before it's over or out of stock! Keep in mind the limit tends to be 1 per customer.

If you don't already have the HEB app downloaded, download it today! You can pick your HEB location and see the different products and coupons your HEB has to offer.

Two Sundays ago the freebie was chocolate-covered almonds (HEB brand):

Last Sunday's freebie was a package of cheese (HEB brand):

We don't know the product that will be the freebie till Sunday. It will most likely be something that is an HEB brand. With these deals, time is of the essence so that's why it's important to be on the lookout every Sunday.


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