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We were waiting for this day and it is almost here! Get ready to SAVE BIG with the TAX FREE WEEKEND!

We were waiting for this day and it is almost here! Get ready to SAVE BIG with the upcoming

TAX FREE WEEKEND! August 11-13, 2023 .

I teach Coupon Classes with another teacher, Jennifer King that runs her website and she says get ready and gives these Great Tips on this important weekend of TAX FREE!

Texans shoppers will have 3 days to enjoy tax exemptions on a variety of much needed items, this includes, clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks priced at $100 or less, both in-store and online!

To make the most of this tax-free shopping opportunity, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

Maximize Savings: The tax-free exemption applies to all items under $100, even if your total transaction exceeds $100. For example, purchasing three pairs of $50 sneakers for your kids would result in all $150 worth of purchases being tax-free.

Purchase Limitations: Remember that items over $100 will still be subject to sales tax. So, for a $200 coat, sales tax would apply to the amount above $100.

Lay-away Plans: Take advantage of lay-away plans if your store offers them. This way, you can spread out your costs over several paycheck cycles and still qualify for tax-free status either by putting an item on layaway during the weekend or making the final payment on a previously laid-away item during the event.

Qualifying Items: Messenger bags and backpacks with wheels are eligible for tax-free exemption, as long as they can be worn on the body like traditional backpacks. However, wheeled luggage does not qualify.

Baby Gear Savings: Don't forget that baby clothes and diapers are also tax-free during this weekend. It's an excellent opportunity to use coupons and save big on baby essentials!

For more comprehensive information on the Texas tax free holiday, be sure to review the official state guidelines ( to get yourself fully prepared for the exciting weekend of tax-free shopping!

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