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Saving Our Way & PogoPass Family Fun - AVAILABLE IN 7 CITIES

Save $50

Use Promo Code:   SAVINGOURWAY

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If you are searching for Family Entertainment at an Affordable Cost at One price visiting 26 venues this would be a perfect time to purchase a Pogo Pass! Buy a Pogo Pass as an early Birthday Gift, Teacher Gift, Easter Gift, or any occasion. Creator of Savingourway, LLC Brenda Anz, has an Amazing Pogo Pass Deal for you.

You can Save $50 by using "SAVINGOURWAY" discount code


Act Now and press on her link below ⬇️

"I really love that we can spend quality time together as a family, make new memories, and it actually gives them a break from their electronics." - Pogopass Customer

"I purchased multiple Pogopasses for the family for Spring Break and I am glad I did! Pogopass is the way to have Family Fun without breaking the budget!" - Pogopass Customer

PAY ONLY $49.98 for the South Central Pass

The Perfect Gift for Your Family! 


Order their Pogo Pass where the South Central OR Dallas/Ft. Worth pass is only $49.98 using our promo code “savingourway ” 

Regular price is $99.98 but with my discount code you save $50, getting Pogopass at only $49.98! Our South Central Pass includes venues in San Antonio, Austin & Waco and is valued at $1,000 Dollars worth of venues Pogo Pass is offered in 7 different cities. 


Remember, This is One pass for One price good for one year. Pay once at $49.98 and the entries to the venues are absolutely free!! Whoo-hoo!

PogoPass New SC Venues

New Venues

In South Central Pass

The Perfect Gift for Your Family!  

Pogopass added some new venues to the South Central pass!

Some New Venues:

- Thinkery

- Typhoon factory

- Dbat

Each Pass Includes 1 year of FREE ADMISSION to multiple attractions. You can gain access to various venues! Some venues are the San Antonio Aquarium, Witte Museum, and more!

Exciting Changes For Texas Passes!

San Antonio Merges With Austin & Waco!


Excited to inform you that San Antonio Pogo Pass and Austin/Waco Pogo Pass have come together and merged! If getting you access to ALL venues offered in all 3 cities. Can I get a Woot! It will now be referred to as the "South Central Pogo Pass."


Get out there and Rock the SAVINGS WHILE HAVING A BLAST!

We offer Gift cards that could be redeemed at a later date depending on when you want to activate them. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

We provide the PogoPass experience in 7 different cities! Check out all cities below.

South Central Pass Venues
San Antonio, Austin, & Waco
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 4.08.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 4.08.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 4.08.44 PM.png

Pogo-Pass Experience Offered In Multiple CIties!

If you are planning on visiting family out of town and looking for an inexpensive way to entertain your own family? Look no further. Here's a Deal you simply cannot resist.


Act now and press on the link to order your family fun pass for the price of $49.98! This is an all-around great gift for any occasion and is good for one year. So you will have plenty of time to visit all 19-32 (depending on the city pass you get) of the different venues. This is like paying less than a cup of coffee for each venue!

We provide the PogoPass experience in 7 different cities: Southcentral (Austin/Waco, San Antonio), Dallas/Forth-Worth TX, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Kansas City KS/MO.)

*Prices may vary based on the location of the pass


This would make for a perfect gift or travel experience for you and your family. Get yours today!

Use promo code: savingourway

Get your Pogo-Pass today available in 7 cities!

 It's NOT too good to be True!
One Pass, One Price, One YEAR!
No more wasting money on one attraction passes

When we were in the market for a way to bring family fun back with a budget we were looking for Simple and Affordable.  Pogopass is just that!

We investigated PogoPass ourselves. We went out to see how they worked. First things first:

  1. Downloaded the FREE App

  2. Log in

  3. Clicked the venue we wanted to visit

  4. Read to see if we needed anything like grip socks (urban air) or special shoes (bowling), registration deadlines (Hockey games, etc)


Got in line at each venue and just let them know we had Pogopass. They asked for us to:

  1. Open our app

  2. Scan the barcode

  3. You're in!


As easy as that!

For more information and videos on Pogo-Pass click the business page: