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Saving Our Way Classes & SOW Hot Topics Podcast

Brenda Anz & Jennifer King had a great turnout at their couponing class at the Med Spa at Center of Advanced Wellness and Amegy Bank.

Thank you to our sponsors who provided giveaway and raffles prizes such as: - Paparazzi jewelry for every person that attended sponsored by Ramona Satterwhite - a $25 med spa gift card for every person that attended - 3 giveaways from the med spa at center of advanced (facial & cocoon sessions) & more !

I would like to thank everyone that came out to our classes & engaged ! We hope it was a fruitful experience for everyone.

Brenda & Jenn's class is tailored for beginners who want to learn how to coupon. Their class goes over the different ways to coupon, rebate apps, reoccurring deals, what to focus on at the store, current hot deals, & so much more !

If you missed our in-person classes Brenda & Jenn will be having a free online class Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm CST on the Saving Our Way Facebook Page. Make sure to go follow so you won't miss their Facebook live! You can read more about the class and rsvp:

To save more make sure to go subscribe to their website & join their Facebook groups to see current deals: Saving Our Way (San Antonio Grocery Deals!) Jennifer Saves: Q Codes & Deals, Clearance & More!

We are happy to announce that Brenda Anz and Jennifer King will be holding a monthly podcast where they bring you current hot deals, ways to save, how-to's, digital and manufacturer couponing, and more! Make sure to tune in! You can check out their new episodes on Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, and SoundCloud.

If you’re more of an audio/video person you can tune into their Saving Our Way Hot Topics Podcast:

Check out their first episode of 2023:


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